Learn English with Strokes Easy Learning FULL download torrent

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Learn English with ink strokes learning easy. Important

Language course – training materials – sheet Suite.

Starting from advanced foreign language fluently.

Course for beginners, intermediate and advanced business EU standard A1 to C1 easy to learn English.

Language Course with 300 Lessons:

Interactive dialogue talking computer

Learn words by speaking or writing

English language training with voice recognition

Training grammar easy

Vocabulary Memory Games

Words and sentences linked to reference tools

Posts everyday life, travel and business

Additional tools Learning Focus

Trainer pronunciation training system of all votes

Talk to 100 trainers situation discussed next level

Vocabulary trainer how the online Flash and single words

Reference Suite including stroke

Full 180 grammar topics

Dictionary 4500 to 8000 words and example sentence

Cover the table with 800 gold

Special Features:

Voice recognition: conversation training, vocabulary and pronunciation Interactive

Export MP3: Export complete consultation and dialogue for learning away from the computer

Print function: print quality of the lessons and export of files related

Create lesson plans and set individual priorities

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1) Open and read the instructions

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